We made it!

After nearly a year of preparations we finally made it to our new home in San Miguel de Allende a few days ago.

To say that the last month of preparations has been nuts is an understatement. We haven’t moved in 13 years and had clearly forgotten how things ‘crop up’ in the run up to a big move…and indeed they did. But now we can put all that behind us as we adjust to our new life in the sun!

After nearly 24 hours of travel from a cold, frozen England, we touched down in Mexico on Tuesday night. Arriving at our new home – Casa Juanita – we were welcomed by our friends and it was SO good to see them all. Our new condo is fabulous…we’re already in love with this quirky little space. I think my office/guest room has quite possibly the most beautiful view over to the other side of the valley full of colourful houses and I truly believe I can hunker down here and do some great work!

We’ve been taking it easy over the last few days – adjusting to the altitude and recovering from the exhaustion of the last month or so…actually from the last year of preparations! It’s been a treat to be able to slow down and appreciate how lucky we are to have taken this step that so many only dream about.

Adjusting to the ebb and flow of San Miguel life is a journey in itself. Each morning we are greeted by the sound of many roosters. This morning the neighbours dog barked from 5:15am for 3 hours solid…thank heavens for ear plugs! And at night we are lulled to sleep by the sound of salsa….all new to us and delicious. Once we’re over the jet lag I’m sure we’ll notice much more and have lots of stories to share.

Both of us get back to work next week. Matt is going to be looking for freelance work as well as taking Spanish lessons. If you know of anyone looking for database, COBOL programming and proofreading support – get in touch!




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