Sunday is for relaxation


Sunday’s are extremely important in Mexico. It’s the one day of the week that families come together and relax. It seems that family life is something that truly binds the Mexican people together and Sunday’s are probably taken more seriously here than in other parts of the world. Truly there is an appreciation to take time to go slow and appreciate life a little more.

I can’t actually remember the last time we spent a Sunday completely relaxing….without the feeling that we had some work to do on the house or packing to take care of. It actually felt like a novelty taking today for ourselves. It was also my birthday today so an added excuse to take time out!

Susan and Larry invited us to join them for brunch at a fantastic restaurant/spa in the countryside just outside of town. Nirvana Spa is a fabulous little place – great ambiance, great music, lovely food and a place where you truly can kick back and relax with friends and family. The views over the valley from Nirvana are reminiscent of Napa Valley in California. The staff are wonderfully attentive and its well put together operation. The added bonus was that we could take Susan and Larry’s gorgeous fluff ball doggie – Zack – with us. He loved eating our leftover meat too!

Sitting outside on the lawn in the sun and warmth in January still seems strange to me. Typically my birthday’s have been celebrated inside away from the UK winter weather! I could get used to this in years to come!








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