Comonfort musings


Comonfort is a town located about 20 minutes south of San Miguel de Allende. We have visited there several times over the years for a taste of real local life away from the tourists in SMA. Our great friend and brother (in law!) Eduardo, comes from the area and has family nearby. Over the years he has been keen to share a different view of Mexico with us and we’ve enjoyed meandering through the streets of Comonfort, visiting the incredible church and enjoying great food with his friends. This morning we drove out to Comonfort together in search of a molcajete so that I can make salsa’s and guacamole the traditional way. I also drove for the first time in Mexico and am beginning to discover the Mexican way of ruling the road…slightly daunting stuff at times!

This is a long holiday weekend in Mexico and it seemed like everyone was out making the most of family time – whether shopping or people watching from a bench in the town square. Again it’s a reminder of how Mexican’s really seem to slow down, appreciate life and appreciate their families at weekends.

Comonfort’s origin come from the indigenous indian warriors who refused to give into the Spanish and planted themselves in the area as a last post. Nowadays it is quite a transient community with people coming and going to the USA to find work. Today it seemed like everyone was back in town for the holiday weekend!

After breakfast at a local hotel, we set out to find a molcajete along the road out of town and found the one below. Here it is being ground down and now it’s sitting in a bucket of salted water on our patio to season for the next few days! Can’t wait to make lots of yummy stuff with it!



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