If music be the food of love….

Our good friend Traci in town just in time for Valentine’s weekend…and this is a very romantic place to celebrate LOVE! Eduardo surprised us all one evening with a fabulous mariachi band who arrived at our home to serenade us after dinner (here’s a video!). It was so much fun and a celebration of beautiful Mexican music.

We’ll often find mariachi bands hanging out in the Jardin waiting to serenade couples in the evening. Mariachi bands will also serenade newly wed couples as they leave one of the many churches in town. I have a growing fascination with their craft and way of life.

"Musicologists and folklorists have argued for years over the origin of the word - Mariachi.

The explanation that appears most frequently - especially on record jackets and in travel brochures - is that it is a variation of the French word mariage, meaning wedding or marriage, and comes from the time in the nineteenth century when Maximillian, a Frenchman, was Emperor of Mexico. According to this myth the Mariachi was named by the French after the celebration with which it was most commonly associated. But this explanation, always regarded as highly doubtful by linguists, was totally discredited recently when a use of the word was found that predated the time when the French arrived in Mexico.

Currently, however, the best scholarly opinion is that the word mariachi has native roots. One theory is that it comes from the name of the wood used to make the platform on which the performers danced to the music of the village musicians. But whatever its true source - and the truth may never be discovered with absolute certainty - the word today has one meaning that is crystal clear: Mariachi means on of the most exciting and enchanting musical ensembles found anywhere in the world." 



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