Is Mexico safe?


This is a question we were frequently asked in the run up to our move. One family member exclaimed ‘Mexico is full of druggies and drug cartels…why would you want to move there? You’re signing your own death warrant!’ Ahhh, the stories the good old Daily Mail, The Mirror and many other tabloids and media weave! Donald Trump isn’t helping either!

There are places in every country which are a little less savoury than other parts and Mexico is no different and has it’s own way of doing things. San Miguel de Allende is a very safe town. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage town, a tourist hot spot and because of this the economy is thriving…and the local government wish to protect it for that reason. I feel absolutely safe walking hope to our casa after a night out and the people here are incredibly kind, generous and friendly. We’ve discovered a greater sense of community here than we’ve felt in our hometown in the UK for a long time.

Sure, sometimes bad things happen. Our friends have been burgled 3-4 times but then again, a house just down the street from where we used to live in the UK was burgled twice in the last 12 months. It’s all relative. We’re careful about putting valuables away safely and I don’t walk around town dripping with jewels….don’t have any jewels to ‘drip’ anyway!

What annoys me most about the question about safety here is that most people have already made an assumption that it’s not safe where we are and we’re crazy to live here. It’s a fear-based myth perpetuated by main stream media and a presidential candidate with an over inflated ego and a lack of understanding about the real Mexico….no wonder there are more Americans already visiting here (and Canada) with a view to moving here if Trump gets elected! I refuse to live my life in fear!

Before making massive assumptions about our new home, I’d encourage people to come and see this place for themselves….I think they’ll change their minds…although Trump can stay north of the border please….we don’t want him here! And now for a little light relief courtesy of YouTube!



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