The Pace of Life

This last week I was up in the San Francisco/Bay area on various visits. I had begun to wonder what rain looked like until arriving in the Bay – my plane touched down shortly before a huge storm came through which seemed to linger for the entire week! I certainly got used to being in a cooler, wetter climate for a while and even began to wish I had a pair of wellies with me!

I love to travel – each new experience brings new views of the world…views which are vital to expanding our horizons and appreciation of people, cultures and nations. Without this, I think we’re often at risk of becoming insular. For me, it’s more important to have those experiences than a big fancy house or be stuck in one place for too long….I guess I get this from my nomadic mother!

One of the things that struck me this last week was how the pace of life affects us. Life here in San Miguel, moves at a slower pace which has been so very refreshing. I’ve noticed more of the little things over the last few months and learnt to deeply appreciate this change. Sitting on our rooftop quietly watching the sunset seems to have become a daily ritual and a way to bring the work day to a close.

So when I arrived in the Bay area, just the speed at which cars moved on the freeway as I exited the airport caught me by surprise! After arriving at my friends place, I really needed to sit down and be quiet for a while. As I went in and out of meetings in San Francisco all week I found myself needing to really pause before each one and take time to refocus and get centered. My inner introvert came out and I needed that quiet time in order to be at my best for each person I met.

This need is something I knew but didn’t fully embrace while we lived back in the UK – going fast just seems a part of life there. Now I’m learning the importance of going slow in order to go fast at the times when it’s needed. Just taking time to sit, meditate and focus more than once a day is so needed for me to feel balanced.

This is something I’m going to continue to inquire into for some time. So I’m curious…what do you need to be at your best?


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  1. That’s what I love about our marina you visited. Cellphones are spotty at best. I rely on texts and frequently forget my cell because it so rarely works where I live. Home in this remote place in the bay area lets me slow down – but the pace still remains hectic when heading to the outside world for anything at all.

    Embrace and love the pace of living in a “third world country” really the ‘third world’ has it right. SLower is better.

    In Grenada the common terminology for setting up a meeting time of any sort was the phrase ‘just now’

    -this was a catch all phrase for anywhere from 5 minutes from now to 2 weeks/months/years –

    basically just meant we’ll deal with it in the future without urgency.

    Hang on to the ‘just nows’ in your life -love the pace and don’t get frustrated over lack of commitment -it’s not lack of commitment but rather lack of caving in to the pressure of modern day society.

    Be well and love to live and live to love!!


    1. You are so right Bonny and I’m grateful for that last night on the houseboat as it was so very peaceful and just what I needed!


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