One of the things I’m loving about our life here in San Miguel de Allende is how easy it is to make friends. We meet new folks while out walking daily – some we may not see again, others we’re getting to know better. Many people here are – like us – transplants to the area and I guess they’re looking to make new friends and acquaintances too. With that in mind, I do think people here are a little more open than back home. We have met people from all walks of life and their stories of heritage and their lives never cease to intrigue me. The common thread that we share is a love and curiosity for San Miguel de Allende. Moreover, people take time to stop and talk rather than feeling rushed to get to the next thing!

Back in the UK we struggled to make new friends in our hometown. Perhaps it was because we worked so hard while we were there that we were never able to socialise much beyond time out with family and a handful of friends at weekends. I’ve lived in so many places and gathered friends wherever I’ve been so most of my friends are scattered all over the world – thank goodness technology enables us to keep in touch.

This afternoon I spent a few hours out in the countryside with our great friend Susan who introduced me to a wonderful new friend who – like us – is a transplant here with a fabulous life story. Just sitting on her terrace visiting together for a few hours was utter bliss. The conversation flowed and I loved looking out over her beautiful garden…full of hummingbirds feeding from the nectar feeders scattered around the property. Believe it or not, these are experiences that were relatively rare for us in our old life.

I’m in awe of how Matt has been embracing our new life here. Going from decades of a desk job, to being at home most of the time has been challenging. But he’s learning to embrace a new normal and venture out more. I love that he has a small group of friends he gets together with every morning to walk down to the Jardin with Zack (the dog!) for coffee and cinnamon buns. The ritual enables him to meet more people on his way and see unexplored parts of town while I’m working.

And he is LOVING learning Spanish too! The Ash family are true linguists with a superb grasp of grammar which has helped him to pick up Spanish far quicker than me. Over the past few weeks he’s been doing a Spanish immersion class and looks forward to doing the next level later in the year. Time for me to get my Spanish skates on and get learning too!


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  1. Miranda, I’m splurging this morning by catching up on your blog. I want to say thanks for recording these new times you’re experiencing in Mexico. I blogged like crazy when I first moved down here. Everything was new and exciting. It’s a gift to us Mexico “old-timers” to see the world around us with new and appreciative eyes. Don’t get me wrong — I’m far from jaded! It’s just lovely hearing a fresh voice singing praise.


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