Jacaranda season

_DSC3608It’s Jacaranda season here in San Miguel when the entire town is floating on a cloud of purple flowers. I love to sit on our roof – or a bar roof – in the early evening and watch the colours fade at the end of the day. But today as we were driving down the hill to the grocery store, I just had to stop at a local look out and take this photo of the town in bloom.

According to an Amazon legend, a beautiful bird named Mitu landed atop a Jacaranda tree bringing with him a lovely woman. The woman, who was actually a priestess of the moon, descended from the tree and lived among the villagers, sharing with them her knowledge and ethics. Having fulfilled her mission, she returned back to the tree adorned in Jacaranda blooms and ascended to the heavens where she united with her soul mate, the son of the sun.



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