Just another evening in San Miguel de Allende

One of the many things I like about our lives here is that we can just stroll down to the town centre in the evening to visit with friends, have dinner and just meander through the streets taking in the sights, smells and sounds of this beautiful place. Back in the UK, we lived away from the centre of town…and it was a pretty quiet and subdued place anyway – so we didn’t get out much….and I was getting cabin fever!

Last night was another example of a perfect relaxed evening in San Miguel. Matt went to his first meet up for geeks while I met up with some friends (and met a couple of new ones) at one of our favourite rooftop bars…perfect for watching the sunset over a cool drink. The conversation flowed, lots of laughter and after a few hours we all went our separate ways and meandered home again.

En route we stopped in the Jardin. Much of Mexican community life revolves around these gorgeous little squares or gardens dotted around downs. ‘The Jardin’ – as it’s known here – is the main one in town and probably a little touristy. It’s right outside the main church and a point of focus for many. At the weekends the jardin benches will be groaning with people just stopping to people watch or listen to music. Food carts selling juices, fruit and tacos are dotted around the square ready to provide much needed refreshment to passers by. Last night the sound of a mariachi band serenading a couple greeted us as we walked through the Jardin. I couldn’t help but stop and listen for a few minutes. Off in the distance a group of young teenagers were practicing street dancing in the bandstand in the middle of the jardin. It was as if time stopped for us for a moment while we took it all in. I adore mariachiĀ music and the passion and energy they bring to their performance. Again – just so evocative of this beautiful place in which we live. It’s just so alive here! We’re just so grateful to be here!




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  1. Just catching up on reading some of your blog’s. You are so good at getting the atmosphere across, I almost feel like I am there! Glad you are loving life x


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