Mexican Street Food…yum!

Mexican street food is world famous and one of our favourites! Take a stroll into the centre of town in the evening and you’ll find food stands dotted everywhere selling all sorts of delights from fresh fruit dipped in sugared chillis to taquitos and gringas. Mexicans traditionally eat their last meal of the day late in the evening and it’s common to find throngs of people gathered around their favourite taco stand waiting for a plate of the good stuff.

On Saturday we checked out arguably one of the best stands in town on the corner of Insurgentes and Calle Hidalgo near the Biblioteca. We hit the stand with Joseph and Eduardo after attending a party earlier in the evening and arrived at about 11pm to find the stand 4-5 deep in people waiting for their orders. You know a place is popular when there is a big line of people waiting to be served!

Call this the equivalent of a kebab van in the UK but actually so much fresher! In fact it felt surprisingly familiar as groups of seemingly half baked revellers turned up on their way back home.

Eduardo ordered plates of tacos and gringas for each of us along with some bottles of orange and apple sodas. Families were sitting at the bar rapidly noshing on their food. Eventually ours arrived – small plates of greasy meat, melty cheese and salsa finished off with a touch of fresh coriander and freshly squeezed lime…yummy. The perfect end to the evening!


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