Something you don’t see in the UK!


Don’t be misled by these cute looking little fuzzy faces! Last night we had our first encounter with the delights of the Skunk…not the chemical kind…the fuzzy mammal kind.

Skunks may look cute but when they feel threatened they spray quite possibly the nastiest smelling liquid known to man. They’re not native to Europe so I’ve never encountered them before…until last night.

We had the most almighty storm come through town yesterday evening which cleared the air, lowered the temperature and filled the creek below our apartment…and brought out all sorts of critters apparently.

Just as we were dropping off to sleep, I was hit by an almost suffocating smell. Matt thought someone was having a big bonfire nearby but I instinctively knew it must be skunk….yuk! We thought it must have sprayed just under our window outside the apartment below us. I thought we’d never drop off to sleep after experiencing such an overpowering odour.

This morning we discovered that our neighbours five doors down from us had also smelt it so it seems most of the complex were woken up! Eeek…I can still smell it in my mind! I hope this is the first and last time we have to deal with Mexican skunks!



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