Food glorious food!

Moving to a new country provides the chance to try lots of new food and cooking ideas. To me San Miguel de Allende is the Mexican equivalent of the Dordogne. It’s THE place for foodies who like well made, fresh and local produce. The area is surrounded by farms growing incredible fruit and vegetables…and we even have a good friends who has an organic beef herd.

The range of produce is vast. Everything from locally produced cheeses (and yes we can get very good goats cheese, camenbert and cheddars which are nearly all made in the area) to artisan breads and wild rice etc.

Last week we were at a party and ended up in a full blown conversation about cheese with our friend Timo…honestly we were salvating over the stuff. The simple pleasure of going to the organic market on Saturday morning to get goats cheese camenbert and a loaf of bread for lunch that day. That’s just what we did yesterday.

The organic market is held on Saturday mornings just next to the Institudo de Allende. It’s a marvel of a place. Small local organic producers come here each week and the range of produce is phenomenal. Yesterday I picked up two massive bags of organic vegetables – rainbow chart, coriander, mint, salad, nopales, corn, basil and more for just 80 pesos (that’s just under £2 in UK money). What’s more, in speaking with the producers it’s clear that they have a real love for their work and that love is reflected in the quality of their food. We also went a little overboard on cheese!

The market is also a bit of a meeting place – we always run into lots of friends and love to sit and visit over a cup of coffee, breakfast…and an orange doughnut (they’re amazing!).

There is another market on Tuesdays that is even bigger and although not all the produce is organic it’s just as much fun to explore.

San Miguel de Allende really is a foodie paradise. You will never get bored here with a different restaurant or taco stand to explore every night as well as the simple pleasure of cooking at home using great ingredients. I still haven’t mastered high altitude baking just yet though.

We discovered a new restaurant on Friday evening when we joined Joseph and Eduardo for dinner with a couple of their friends visiting from Dallas. Agua Miel is located on Pipila in Colonia San Antonio. The food is absolutely beautiful – all freshly made by Gaby. We shared a range of starters including Corn cakes stuffed with corn truffles and Crab cakes with remoulade. Matt and I shared a main course of Sauteed Shrimp, Calamari & Octopus, served with cilantro rice…sounds simple but it was so well cooked and presented! What made it special was that the staff here were so warm and welcoming…as they are in pretty much every place we’ve eaten here in town. We’ll be checking Agua Miel out again soon.

In the meantime, it’s about time I did one or two more local cooking classes!


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