Three months in the sun!


Sometimes I can’t quite believe we’ve been here three months already. In a way it seems like we arrived just last week!

Last week I was having my haircut by the fabulous Emily….seriously the woman does wonders with a pair of scissors and the conversation was great too. We were discussing how different life is here compared to where we came from.

The thing I’ve noticed since we’ve been here is just that….I take notice and appreciate life so much more. The very act of slowing down makes this possible. For example, because of the cobbly narrow streets, people tend to drive much slower here and stop for each other.

I love to sit and watch the hummingbirds come and feed from one of our feeders and it’s as if the world goes into slow motion when they do. I hear much more in the way of birdsong. We have beautiful birdsong in the UK but perhaps I just listen more here in Mexico. Or just the wind blowing through the trees in the valley below us.

Mexicans are very respectful and it’s normal to say hello to everyone you pass in the street. Just that simple act makes you feel welcome and embraced by the community.

Speaking of community, I’ve heard numerous stories about how this community has rallied around those in need. It seems that there is more of a sense of community here than we’ve felt in a long time. It’s ironic that my job title is Chief of Community at WorldBlu and yet it’s taken a move here for me to really really feel part of a thriving community.

I still marvel at how life here affords many the opportunity to reinvent themselves and imagine life anew. Only yesterday we were talking with a friend who is moving here from the UK after a very stressful job and life in London. Now she’s starting to imagine how to reinvent herself and think about taking life in a different direction.

Matt is continuing to work on reinventing himself and is trying all sorts of different things. I continue to be so very proud of him for stepping out a cosy comfort zone and coming along for the ride. It isn’t always easy but both of us can’t imagine returning to our old life in the UK at this point.

That’s the delicious beauty of making a life here and we love it!


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