A weekend in the country

Last weekend our friends Alex, Laura, Sophia and Paul invited us to join them at their family home on a ranch just outside of town. The Sanctuary at Canada de la Virgen is a very special property – an organic cattle ranch, a place of rest and renewal, a place with an ancient history and a family home!

It was the first time the ranch had hosted four Romanians and our friends took full advantage of all the lessons the ranch has to offer. I marvelled at them breathing in every moment!

While it wasn’t my first visit, it came at a time when I wasn’t feeling too great and needed time and space to relax and decompress after a busy six months or so in the run up to our recent Summit. While the ‘Romads’ went out on a hike or two, I made a beeline for the most comfortable chair…which happened to be a gorgeous hanging chair underneath a huge mulberry tree by the creek and spent several hours reading, meditating and …..just breathing! The atmosphere at Canada de la Virgen is very pure and invites visitors to retreat from the world and engage with their heart and soul. While this may sound ‘woo woo’ to some, it makes total sense to me!

Here nature is more important than human in order to preserve the organic and pure status of the property. One of the great things is that it’s completely off the grid – no phones, no wifi, no TV etc. It was BLISS! While I love technology, turning it off for a couple of days was heavenly. I thoroughly recommended switching off and tuning in to yourself once in a while.

The main hacienda and surrounding cassita’s either run on solar power…or no power at all. Sitting outside eating a delicious beef brisket dinner by the light of oil lamps reminded me of life at our family home in Cladech, France. And then it dawned on me – here is a family working to keep their family home going (after recently inheriting it from their mother) just as we have been doing in Cladech. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why I felt so at home…both places share a similar pure energy.

Thank you Alex, Laura, Sophia and Paul for opening your home to the six of us. We LOVED spending time with you and learning more about the wisdom of Canada de la Virgen.


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