La Gruta

San Miguel de Allende is surrounded by a variety of natural thermal hot springs. Some folks are able to bring this water up to their home while others have created beautiful springs surrounded by gardens. One of our favourites is La Gruta. Situated about 10 minutes outside of town on the road towards Dolores Hidalgo, La Gruta boasts 4 pools – each progressively warmer – as well as a cave and shower. It’s a gorgeous place to hang out – especially at this time of year when there aren’t so many tourists here. The gardens are gorgeous and lush and you can also get some great food, a massage and participate in a temescal experience.

Having spent several days indoors nursing a nasty bout of flu, I was eager to get outdoors and go somewhere were I could relax. Our friends Ana, Catalina, Horatiu and Susan joined us for a morning dip. Super relaxing. I felt all the icky feelings of the previous few days just wash away.

We’ve been here nearly 5 months now and yet this was only our second visit to La Gruta…must make it more of a regular thing!

La Gruta is something you just can’t miss on a visit to San Miguel de Allende!


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