Five months


It’s been nearly 5 months since we left the UK for new adventures in Mexico. We’re preparing to return to Europe for the Summer in a few weeks time to visit family and friends mostly in France and Spain…with a few days in London at the end.

As I sit back and reflect on our new adventures, one thing is for sure – we’ve changed!

When we left the UK in the depths of winter we were ready for a change…a big change. We’d grown bored with the life that we had and although we adore spending time with our family and friends, we were also eager to step out of our comfort zone and have a new adventure for a while.

We arrived in San Miguel de Allende exhausted from a year of preparation, but quickly recovered and got into the swing of things in our new home! I went straight back to work while Matt began the arduous task of looking for freelance work while learning Spanish. While it’s been a steep learning curve for Matt, I am pleased that he’s been able to take some well earned time off after 26 years of being practically chained to a desk. While there are days when he’s bored with the lack of movement on the work front, somehow he always finds a way to fill it….not least with a daily walk up and down the steep hill (what I like to call Everest de la Mexico!) into the centre of town for his morning coffee and chat with Larry. This has resulted in a big weight loss and the man is shrinking before my eyes these days!

Who knows if we’re going to stay here for good – it depends on a number of variables. But for now, we’re making the most of life here while we can. In contrast to our old life, we seem to have something to do every weekend together with friends – new and old. We LOVE meeting new folks – something that is so easy to do here but was more difficult back in the UK. People here are not ‘standoffish’…they’re very open, welcoming and eager to get to know each other.

There is a sense of community here that means everyone is cared for. For example, last weekend Matt went for a bit of a tumble and our friends Susan, Larry and Texas Matt helped us to get Matt home and safe while he recovered. At one point in the midst of the drama, Matt seemed to collapse again in the middle of the local market. I managed to get him to a chair where a lovely woman gave him some shade and cool water while he recovered. All is well now, but the genuine love expressed by everyone who helped us that morning made me realise what a loving community this is.

Whether true or not, I often felt like I was being judged in our old hometown. Judged by my size, judged because we don’t have children etc. But here, we’ve been able to reinvent ourselves and judgement just doesn’t show up.

Pace is another aspect of life here. There is a slower pace to life and yet just as much stuff gets done…it’s just that the ‘busyness’ of life has melted away. In slowing down, I see more, appreciate more and most of all…am present. Only today it struck me how I’m gradually noticing more as a result. I was skyping with a dear friend who was telling me all about her challenges and seemed to be talking so fast that I could barely given up. I don’t think she’s increased the pace of her speech at all, rather, I’ve slowed down!

In some ways its as if we’ve been in a cave all these months. In actual fact, we’ve been doing all the things we’ve been longing to do for ages, but never had the time to do before such as taking time to read a book from cover to cover, being quiet and listening without distraction. Long may it continue!

For now, I’m going back to the simple pleasure of watching hummingbirds sipping nectar from one of the feeders on our balcony.



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