Summer Travels

IMG_1644This time next week we’ll be back in the UK for a mere 24 hours-perhaps less. Just enough time to pick up the car, see our fabulous Uncle and Aunt and visit our storage unit (trying to remember what on earth we packed in there back in January!). We’ll then be driving over to France to spend some down time at home in Cladech.

For us, Cladech truly is home. It’s where our family roots are and Mum’s home so it always feels like we’re returning to her when we’re there. Since Mum bought the property in 1990 it’s been where we’ve gone to have time together and it’s always been a happy place so it feels perfectly natural to say that we always take advantage of the little time we have there. And it’s always hard to say goodbye at the end of our holiday.

I wonder what we’re returning to and am eager to see our friends in France and Spain to gauge their reaction to the election results. Several have already commented that they now have to go through the bureaucratic process of applying for citizenship in France/Spain etc. We could be joining them in time.

We had long-planned to return to Europe for the Summer in order to catch up with our family and friends. I hope the nieces and nephews haven’t grown too much..and to explore new places and views. We’re also looking forward to 10 days in the Langoudoc on another special SF trip with Kathleen and Issy.

I’ll be continuing to work most of the time – one of the advantages of having a remote job…have laptop and wifi…will travel!

So here’s to clocking up more miles in the car, new adventures and lots of fun!


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