Home Sweet Home

After nearly 2 months on the road in Europe – travelling, working, visiting family and friends – we are back home in Mexico. We had a great time visiting the UK, Switzerland, France, Andorra and Spain – exploring new views and revisiting some old ones.

I was SO ready to go back to Europe when we left San Miguel the beginning of July. We were missing our family and friends back in Europe and especially our family home in France. The time away gave us the opportunity to visit with folks as well as explore more of our favourite part of the world.Perhaps that’s why we tried to make the most of our time on the road. It’s hard being so far away from our nieces and nephews as they grow up but for now we’re playing the cool Auntie and Uncle roles from afar as much as possible.  

I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds the hardest part of living on the other side of the world is being away from family and friends. But when we decided to move here it was for a change of scene and a new adventure for a little while. We still don’t know whether this is a temporary or permanent move. For now, we still feel more at home here than we do in where we’ve been!

Towards the end of our stay in the UK we visited our storage unit and I found myself asking myself why we’d kept half of the stuff there! We ended up packing up more stuff and taking it to the charity shop. Who knows how long we’ll be living in Mexico, but it still feels somewhat odd that all our worldly things are packed up in our attic (with tenants below) and a storage unit.

I love to travel, however after so many weeks living out of suitcases we were more than ready to get back home to San Miguel de Allende…and into the arms of our Mexican family….that’s what our friends here are…family. I wasn’t sure what we’d be returning to but it was so easy to pick up where we left off. Here we have a community surrounding us who are active, engaged and fun to be around. It was great to just slide back into life here with ease.

I’m so grateful for this adventure, for new views, new opportunities and the loving embrace of our Mexican community. Now if only the weather would cheer up…that’s another story!


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