It’s a do-over!

One thing I promised to help Joseph and Eduardo (otherwise known as Was-bund and Husband in Law!) do as they built their new home was to get their kitchen and dining room ship-shape. Little did I know what I was letting myself in for this past weekend. Literally they wanted to start from scratch! I spent ages pulling together a list of kitchen and dining essentials…and a few ‘nice to have’s’.

I have to admit a little de-ja-vu as it was a similar list to the wedding registry Joseph and I set up when we got married 16 years ago…and here we are all that time later doing it all over again! Only now we’ve been through a divorce, estrangement, reconciliation and renewal as best friends.

So early on Saturday morning the two of us set off to Queretaro for a day of power shopping. We managed to fill the entire suburban with booty from Costco alone and then had to send Raul back to SMA to unload it all before coming back to pick us up and refill it again. We stormed through several stores in the Mall. Think of a whirling dervish spinning through a mall clearing every shelf…not really! Actually it was exhausting work and by the end, we were more than ready to get home and rest before unpacking it all the next day. Eduardo and Matt got off lightly!

Our college friends will find it somewhat amusing that the assistant who helped us in Crate and Barrel was called Elsah! OK poetic licence here…her name was Elsa!

It felt somewhat surreal doing the stuff we had planned to do 16 years ago before Joseph and I split up and he came out. And it was tremendous fun spending someone else’s money for them! The hard part was unpacking it all the next day. Huge thanks to my husband Matt for being meticulous with lining cupboards and drawers as well as patient with us while we got things sorted out…he’s a gem!

The ironic thing is that neither Joseph or Eduardo actually cook! So yours truly is going to be doing the cooking for the time being…frankly their brand spanking new kitchen is a dream and all the fancy new pots and pans are fabulous, so I’m looking forward to cooking for mutual friends soon! However, I have made a promise to teach at least one of them to cook some dishes sooner rather than later….why have a kick ass kitchen if you don’t know how to use it?!

So boys….watch out…Cooking 101 coming your way!


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