Return to Rennes Le Chateau

To fans of esoteric history, Rennes Le Chateau is a place of great mystery and important.This little hill top village in the Aude draws thousands of people to it’s doors each year – treasure hunters, conspiracy theorists, artists and writers. And everyone has their own opinion on the rich and unusual history.

Visiting Rennes again brought new views of this magical place. For our group it’s particularly special as this was where Kathleen and Filip were married in 2012. Once again we visited with dear friends of our community and marvelled in their unconditional love, warmth and great stories.

Once again we visited the little church, built by the mysterious local priest Berenger Sauniere and dedicated to Mary Magdalene. The circumstances of its construction have baffled many for years and drawn conspiracy theorists to it’s doors. On this particular day when we entered the church there was a man, dressed nearly all in black, sitting in the front pew…seemingly praying. None of us felt comfortable in his presence and after some time we quietly retreated outside because he wasn’t going to budge. As we got up to leave, I looked down at his backpack and saw a Vatican cross….and realised that he was probably a Papal representative put there to ward off us esoteric history types! Grrrr! We’re not going to let something like this stop us from exploring!

So we headed off to lunch instead and then enjoyed a talk with our guide, Tobi instead. It’s sad that Rennes continues to be the sight of tension between the Vatican and those they would call ‘non-believers’ or heretics. Sadly power still very much corrupts!

We would visit Rennes again one last time on this trip and this time on a far more positive note.

A friend of our community is a world renowned pianist and healer. David Bailey invited us to hear him play on MM’s Feast Day in the Visigoth initiation chamber under the chateau in Rennes. It was a magical morning….not least because the village was shrouded in mist as we made our way up the hill…very mystical and magical. We loved spending time bathing in David’s marvellous gifts. A unique and special experience to say the least.

This being THE Feast day, the lights were on full blast in the little church and for the first time we were able to see the full breadth of iconography and colour in this beautiful place. And this time there were no Vatican reps there to put us off! One interesting piece of iconography here is the statue of Rex Mundi who welcomes visitors at the door of the church. He is the image of a demon guardian. It’s thought that Rex Mundi has a connection to Solomon’s temple. Solomon enslaved Rex. The church builder, Berenges, put a statue of Rex there to protect the church. Another theory is that Rex is the king of the material world/temptation – to tempt people from the spiritual to the material world. He is at the church door to remind people that he’s always there to teach a lesson about who we are and where we are going. Two different theories. As Filip would say – it’s an AND Universe…there are always at least two sides to the story!

So many ideas to process on this magical place still.


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