A walk through Alet

Following our Feast Day party the night before, our final day in Alet les Bains was more chilled and didn’t require getting on a coach!

We had a walking tour of the village starting with the church. The symbols and iconography in this dazzling building show the marriage of jewish and christian traditions – particularly in the windows which show the Star of David together with the six petal rose. Inside, the stained glass is dazzling. There are two black madonnas together with more paintings, symbols and statues celebrating the sacred feminine. Stunning.

Next we moved on to the village square. Just off this meeting place is a house once owned by the family of Nostradamus – a 16th century apothecary and seer who published prophecies that have since become world famous.

There are a series of carvings on the beams jutting out from the house. When we were in Rennes Le Chateau, Tobi shared various theories around these curious carvings including Templar legend, the flower of life (philosophy of creation), the arc of the covenant and freemasonry.

Leaving the group behind I stayed back to photograph the charming square and have a moment of peace. Little did I know this would lead to a unique glimpse of the history of this town…a story for another time.



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