Alella was the perfect place to stop and decompress from the France portion of our trip. We spent 6 days staying with my family. Did lots of laundry, ate amazing food, saw a couple of sights and spent time with our feisty niece. It was special to be able to celebrate her 3rd birthday. We’ve not had the opportunity to spend concentrated time with her since she was born so it was a special bonding opportunity.

My brother and his family relocated here shortly before we moved to Mexico. They’re gradually setting up home here with Jas working on his music production business from his home studio while his partner and Zeph have been adjusting to life in Catalonia – learning the language and Catalonian way of life. Hard to believe our little niece just started big school!

Alella is on the coast just north of the city of Barcelona. A small inclusive little town, it is an ideal place to live – close by to the airport and city and yet far enough away to enjoy a somewhat slower place of life after living in London for so many years.

In between catching up on sleep we visited a gorgeous new eco resort in the hills, spent a day exploring Montserrat and also visited Girona…and in extreme heat! It was hot hot hot!



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