One night in Toledo

After a scorching week in southern Spain we began our long journey north again. We were heading for Toledo which is the old capital just south of Madrid. Our drive north took us through mile after mile of olive groves, up to a plateau where we drove through undulating fields of scorched golden grasses.

Eventually we made it to the magnificent town of Toledo. Capital of Spain until 1563, Toledo is now a well known day trip for tourists visiting Madrid. Built on a steep hill, heavily populated with churches, convents, mosques and synagogues, the city is a feast for the eyes. Looking quite gothic it feels like a day here just doesn’t do this magical place justice. I wish we had given ourselves more time here – and at a time of year when it’s slightly cooler. Apparently the city once had a reputation for being somewhat pious and austere, but now a new wave of restaurants and tapas bars are breathing modern chic into the place.

We arrived at the height of the heat and retreated straight for our lovely air conditioned hotel rooms. Having driven 5 hours that day I was ready for a nap and left Matt and Susan to explore. The heat had really got to me by this time so I wasn’t up to much until after dark when the day-trippers had left and the city took on a new magic. Having enjoyed our last supper we meandered back through the narrow cobbled streets to our hotel taking in the spectacular flood lit cathedral and town hall. An early night for all as we had to pull out of the city at the crack of dawn the next morning. I have a feeling we’ll be back here again before too long.

And with that our time together with Susan came to an end. An hour later we were at Madrid airport where we parted ways. Susan flew back home to Mexico while we continued our drive back up to Cladech in France. We drove through the Pyrenees, stopping briefly in San Sebastian before crossing the border and on home. A mere nine hours after leaving Madrid, we pulled up at home.


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