For the love of a father


OK, I admit it….I’m a little bit of a Trekkie fan! Last week we went to watch the latest movie – Beyond. The character I’ve loved forever is Spock – a noble character with massive integrity and a sense of humbleness and grace. Perhaps the most loving character of all.

Leonard Nimoy – the actor who played Spock all these years – passed away last year. Earlier this year his son released a great documentary in tribute to his father’s legacy. For the Love of Spock charts the ups and downs of this father-son relationship alongside Nimoy’s career in Hollywood – through a very raw and authentic series of interviews. The pair were estranged for several years while both seemed to need to figure out elements of their lives separately, but when his son’s wife was diagnosed with cancer, it was Leonard to opened his heart to his son once again. They enjoyed a fulfilling few years reconnecting before Leonard’s passing last year.

I found the film deeply moving…for reasons that I didn’t expect at first. It’s no secret that I’m also estranged from my father. It’s been a tough few years which came to a head shortly before we moved to Mexico. For my own sanity, I needed to let go of a relationship that has been controlling and toxic for far too long. It felt like the most loving thing to do for both of us was to walk away. This hasn’t stopped me from continuing to love my father. While I’ve worked through all the ‘what if’s,’ in the back of my mind of course you always hope that things can be worked out one day. Who knows if that will happen…I’m at peace either way.

I wish there were more people like the Nimoy’s who were so open about their relationship and striving to heal with it. For now, I’m grateful for their example!


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