Social time!

October nights over San Miguel de Allende taken from the roof of the Palomar Hotel/Antonia’s Bistro

One of the things I love about San Miguel is that there is almost an overload of activities…especially at this time of year in the run up to Day of the Dead celebrations. So different to the life we led in sleepy Godalming!

We have not been at all starved of things to do – from endless dinner parties to music and nights out sampling the delights of some of the most incredible food we’ve eaten. We’ve also been doing a fair amount of entertaining ourselves. We love it and we’re taking full advantage of all these opportunities before we return to the UK next Spring!

I’ve been cooking weekly dinner parties for Joseph and Eduardo and friends. Neither of them cook but they have a fabulous kitchen…equipped by yours truly! So while we are here we might as well take full advantage of it! Over the last couple of weeks I’ve made shepherd’s pie, cakes, trifles, stuffed eggplant, cannelloni and chicken green curry to name but a few dishes. That said, after a very full weekend, tonight has been a rare evening home alone and it’s been lovely to curl up on the sofa, watch a movie together and relax!






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