Day of the Dead Pt. II


With dark ominous clouds overhead, thousands of people gathered in the centre of San Miguel this evening at the height of the Day of the Dead celebrations. Surrounded by masses of altars celebrated dearly departed, the atmosphere was upbeat and festive. Everyone was out in their finest – costumes from little ones dressed as mummies and carrying coffins to the more traditional catrinas – in all shapes and sizes.

Inspired by the world famous sketch of La Calavera Catrina by Jose Guadalupe Posada (sketched around 1910-13), masses of people were dressed to the nines in costumes and iconic makeup depicting Catrina. Catrinas depict a female skeleton dressed in a European upper-class dress from the early 20th century. The original sketch was seen as a satirical portrait of natives who aspired to adopt European traditions in pre-revolution Mexico.

At this time of year, local makeup aficionados must be doing a roaring trade. We noticed masses of people queueing up to have their catrina make up done. I would have joined the line but Matt had no desire to hang around waiting for me….sushi was calling!

Celebrations reached their height as masses of catrina’s danced their way into the Jardin to the sounds of mariachi bands and laughter. And as ever, just sitting on a bench in the Jardin and people watching is one of the most fun activities of all on a night like this!

Day of the Dead marks the night when dearly departed return to celebrate life with their loved ones. So with that in mind, I’m feeling my phenomenal, crazy, love-filled Mum, Grannie-Mum, Mumsy (my fabulous mother in law), Ciaran, Ning, Bente and many others close by. Mum would LOVE these celebrations – always the life and soul of a good party!

The food stands were out in full force groaning with tacos, corn and candy galore. That said, we both had a craving for sushi so we headed off to one of our favourite places for a treat – Sushiitto. Yummy!

We staggered our way back up the hill afterwards – our bellies full with fish and rice…I say we…I mean ME! Since moving here Matt has had the time to his daily walk up and down the hill while I’m working, so he practically runs up the hill these days. I enjoy a more leisurely pace tinged with a bit of a pace these evening while trying to out-run the impending storm. Thankfully we made it home just as the heavens opened.


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