Cooking….and more cooking!

Those that know me, know that I love nothing more than gathering people around a table and cooking for them! Entertaining is so much fun.

In recent months, given that Joseph and Eduardo rarely cook, they’ve let me make use of their fabulous new kitchen in return for doing the odd dinner party of two….or larger. They’re taking full advantage of our services until we return to the UK next Spring! I’ve cooked everything from Shepherd’s Pie, Spinach and ricotta Cannelloni, green curry and roasts to Maple Pecan Pie, Cakes, Apple bakes and trifle. Most have worked out well – won’t attempt the Fig and Ricotta tart again anytime soon! With Matt as my helper and washer upper…we’re a good team!

By far one of the most fun cooking experiences has been preparing appetisers for Joseph’s 40th Birthday this past weekend. Fig jam, blue cheese and dried ham canapes, spring rolls, brie and cranberry toasts, rosemary nuts, guacamole and much more. I didn’t stretch to making the cake, but we did order one which was delish!

This being Thanksgiving week (and since I’m an honorary yank!), I’m planning on cooking up a storm. Our fabulous friend Ed is joining us all the way from LA (can’t wait to see him tomorrow night!). With several events to cook for over the next week, I’m looking forward to gathering friends around the table and giving thanks for the amazing memories they’re helping to create here on our Mexican adventure!



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