San Miguel de Allende is for foodies!

e1276e8a-9667-40fb-9cd5-986beda76e09San Miguel de Allende really is a mecca for foodies. Just last year The Independent – a well respected newspaper in the UK – published a fantastic article about the rise of the food industry here. And it was a pretty accurate article.

Since moving here we probably haven’t taken advantage of all the food that this town has to offer but we do have our favourites:

The taco stand on Insurgentes (near the Biblioteca)

Tacos Don Felix – amazing Mexican food!

Lavanda – fab place for breakfast

Nirvana Spa – perfect for a long lingering weekend lunch in the country

Grandpa & Sons – Lovely sliders and lovely ambience at Fabrica La Aurora arts centre

Luna Rooftop Tapas Bar at the Rosewood – perfect for sundowners and tapas

Basiliaia – fabulous tacos

Cumpanio – Fabulous little french bakery and restaurant – makes us feel like we’re home. Try the truffle french fries!

Nectar – our favourite little veggie cafe where you can eat surrounded by hummingbirds

Antonia’s Bistro – one of the newest places in town with great views and fabulous food!

Pizza Pig – the best pizza in town – but we’re biased…the place is owned by our wonderful friend Timo!

Actually the list is endless. There is no shortage of international food here from german food at Berlin to an Indian restaurant (run by a Brit), sushi, chinese…and of course Mexican! We could eat at a different place each night and still not visit everywhere in town.

Last week we had some friends in town so we took advantage of several really fun nights out catching up over good food.

The Restaurant is a great place for burgers on Thursday evenings. Best burger I’ve had in a long long time!

Garufa is an Argentine restaurant which had great steaks even if the service was awful! Nevertheless it’s worth it for the flank steak alone!

Berlin is a small bar serving hearty german food – perfect for those cold winter nights.

Perhaps one of the top restaurants in town is Aperi. A fine dining experience housed in a contemporary courtyard. We gathered there last Friday to celebrate Joseph’s 40th birthday over an 8-course tasting menu that was phenomenal. We particularly enjoyed the foie gras, duck confit, truffle and mushroom pasta, pork belly and beetroot, raspberry and hibiscus dessert. All small plates that were mighty on taste and texture-and works of art. What a night!



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